GSDF personnel of death in the cinder, found that it has received a direct hit of a meteorite to protect his men

Takayuki Izawa land sergeant major of died in this eruption was the Ground Self-Defense Force 12th Brigade 12th Helicopter Squadron (49), it is 25 days, which had received a direct hit of cinder a bullet for members of the subordinates, revealed in an interview to the official It was. According to the GSDF and officials, Mr. Izawa is around 50 minutes at 23, 9 am, began the descent from the summit along with other personnel 7 people. After about 10 minutes, the roar from Motoshiranesan of the north side ski area is sound, it has been raining cinder. Although everyone took refuge in a wooded area of ​​the course aside immediately, cinder is pours also into the forest, workers who went fallen one after another. Mr. Izawa covers to protect the nearby Nii was subordinates overlies, struck the back cinder is. Cinder is around 10:10 am ceased, one of the workers requested the rescue on a mobile phone. Until rescue arrives, personnel that finished with minor injuries thanks to the Izawa san, can not move continue to call out to their members, Mr. Izawa is that it was talking with “lung hurts”. Izawa’s but was put on the carried in the ambulance at the foot, the car at will and cardiopulmonary arrest, around 0 pm afternoon, death has been confirmed in a hospital. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source [Impact] can not know only to large companies served wwwwwww Wwwwwww though there are men that want to Kubi sedge in the workplace [Genius] ZOZOTOWN president “PC also e-mail is also unnecessary to the company, only in a necessary and sufficient Smartphone and LINE” [Fur] Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake of Yang and Reinhard WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Business destination “tea please” subordinates “you will” Zuzu’ I “there!?’ve got to fool doing what !!”

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