[Sad news] dessert is too good to be true likely to be issued in the 2018 Winter Olympics of VIP

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/02/08 (Thu) 10: 06: 27.59 ID: //qNM8NI0.net This Yaro to Japan jealousy … [Breaking] UNESCO “okinoshima” one configuration assets 8 of Japan recommendation of Fukuoka Prefecture, a World Heritage Site, all registration Only the Japanese archipelago is erased from the world map, which is published in [sad news] Pyeongchang Olympic’s official website [AKB48] “I do not like the Korean favorite Japanese” Yuka Tano ← Yes, it received criticism as insulting the love of Japanese Korea apology “I think that even Japan Why 70 years did not war or” teacher彡(^) (^) “Hi” Takasu director “I hear voices that gotta do get along and Korea, I I do not think so at all.”

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