[Sad news] Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, www too addicted to Dragon Quest Walk

Ariyoshi talked about the fact that he reached level 39 and lost 2 kg of weight because he was so absorbed in the location information game “Dragon Quest Walk” (hereinafter referred to as “Dragon Quest Walk”) for smartphones. This day also became a topic of “Dragon Quest Walk”. After that, I continued to play the game, and the current level is 52, and I am proud that “I am proud of Japan's top class strength”. And Sakai is also doing “Dragon Que Walk”, level 32. In this game, there is a quest to get “souvenirs”, and Ariyoshi and Sakai each climbed Mt. Sakai, who had accumulated 3,000 gems (currencies that can be used in the dorakue walk), played 10 consecutive gachas. There are three types of Gacha treasure chests: “rainbow”, “gold”, and “silver”. From a high level, silver says “just like garbage” and Sakai was disappointed that “I have never seen all silver!” As a result of Gacha's mischievous results, Ariyoshi said, “It was the best, the laughter didn't stop. It's quite difficult to do 10 consecutive gacha. He saw the shocking Sakai and laughed with the program staff, saying, “It ’s really the best! The program started in a great mood today.” Ariyoshi of Level 52 and Buchigiri said, “When it comes to level 52, it takes about 2 days to raise level 1. It was a pain when I went from 51 to 52. Seriously (laughs). I thought, “I thought.” * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue with the source https://news.mynavi.jp/article/20191014-909457/ document.write(” + ”); Related article document.write(” + ”);

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