[Kanden] A former assistant in Takahama Town

[Kanden] A former assistant in Takahama Town 1 : 2019/10/02 (Wed) 20: 50: 32.66 ID: WjjqkqFm9.net Speaking of Takahama-cho, it is a local government located in the Shonan region of Fukui Prefecture, commonly known as “Nuclear Ginza”. At the same time, Fukui Prefecture has the most dowa business, and there was once a Buraku Liberation Alliance Fukui Prefecture Federation in the Takahama Mimatsu Center, which is located next to Nishi Mimatsu Nishimori, where Moriyama's home is located. If you go to the Kansai region, it is not uncommon for human rights slogans to be raised at city halls, town halls, and public halls. However, the Hokuriku region has a weak image of Dowa. However, Takahama Town is in Hokuriku and is doing “Dowa”. Such a town. It is installed at the Takahama Town Resident Life Division. I was wondering where in this town there was Buraku discrimination. There was also a Dowa issue committee in the parliament. Anyway, many people felt uncomfortable with this issue? It is possible that the scenario is that the electric power company provides money to the influential people in order to gain local understanding such as restarting and expansion work. However, it is unprecedented to provide gold goods to the power company from the local side. Why could this happen? That's because “Dowa Don” Moriyama has succumbed Takahama City and Kansai Electric Power against the backdrop of the liberation movement. Or even if Moriyama is not mentioned about Dowa, it can be seen from such reports. On October 1, according to MBS (daily broadcast), Kanden reported to Moriyama that he was invited as a lecturer for human rights education and training for executives in charge of nuclear power. “Human rights” in this case is quite different from the general concept of “human rights”. For governments and corporations, “human rights” is a kind of slang that means “Dowa”. I have pointed out this point in the past, but let's supplement it. And Moriyama's gait. This time, there are many deceased people around him, including “Eiji Moriyama”. Although it is not the mysterious novel “Hunting for the Dead” by Sasawa Sasawa, searching for the claw marks of the deceased is painstaking. After all, since Moriyama is 90 years old, there are very few people who know the age of serving as senior citizens. Looking at Moriyama's career, there are some interesting things. Introduce in time series. Entered Takahama Town on December 11, 1969. General manager and construction manager in 1971. From October 11, 1975 to March 31, 1977. Assistant from April 1, 1977 to May 31, 1987. In just two years after joining the agency, he became a section manager, and the general manager is a title created for Moriyama (town officials). (Omitted) Dowa and projects in Japan Yoshida Development President is a former Korean Perhaps Moriyama is close to this type. In some cases, it can be convinced that the nuclear administration has been mastered while flickering the existence of the Liberation Alliance. Another testimony I got from Moriyama and the Liberation Alliance was the relationship with Yoshida Development (Sekiya Takahama). As you know, the company has received orders from Kanden for over 2 billion yen. The company President Yoshida is not a resident of Takahama, but lives in Maizuru. And now it is naturalized but a former Korean. Let me introduce this testimony. “Mr. Yoshida had Moriyama introduced to Maizuru's liberation alliance and came to Takahama around 1984. From there, he made a big profit at Yoshida Development and the golf driving range. It was backed by Moriyama. That's it. '' Before the development of Yoshida, press members rushed every day to interview President Yoshida. Neighbors say. “I know the Koreans are around here. But I don't have a bad personality and I don't have a bad impression on Mr. Yoshida. I don't like Mr. Moriyama. There was a lot of heavy snow, so Yoshida's company took out a heavy machine and removed it. President Yoshida is absent from the company and home from Maizuru City. According to the residents of the neighborhood, “I do n’t have a car, so I ’m going out.” The clouds are hiding from the press. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue with the source https://jigensha.info/2019/10/02/kanden/ document.write(” + ”); Related article document.write(” + ”);

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