NHK scrambled “Agree” with 39.0% “Negative” with 37.1%

NHK scrambled “Agree” with 39.0% “Negative” with 37.1% NHK scrambled, pros and cons = current public opinion survey According to a September poll of the Jiji Newsletter, when they asked whether or not they had scrambled broadcasts that could only be received by NHK, they agreed with 39.0% of the “promise” and 37.1% of “disagree”. % Antagonized. “I don't know or don't know” was 23.9%. In the Upper House election in July, it became clear once again that the party that protects the people from NHK (N country) has won a seat by appealing for the realization of scrambled broadcasting, and that a certain number of people have understood the party's claims. It was. The NHK side denies that it contradicts the philosophy of public broadcasting that broadcasts can be viewed anywhere in the country. By supporting political parties, “agreement” reached 30% among the supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, Constitutional Democracy, Komei and Communist, while it rose to 70% at the supporters of the Japan Restoration Association. N was 100% in favor. The survey was conducted on the 6th to 9th day by interviewing 2,000 men and women nationwide over 18 years old. The effective recovery rate is 62.3%. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue with the source document.write(” + ”); Related article document.write(” + ”);

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