[Cabinet remodeling] Considering appointment to Foreign Minister Kono and Minister of Defense

[Cabinet remodeling] Considering appointment to Foreign Minister Kono and Minister of Defense It was revealed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was considering the appointment of Foreign Minister Taro Kono as Minister of Defense in the reshuffling of the cabinet remodeling and LDP officers on the 11th. In order to succeed the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Keiichi Ishii of the Komeito Party, he decided to appoint Mr. Kazuyoshi Akabane, chairman of the party. Reappointment of the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman, Hirokuni Moriyama, has become dominant. Several officials revealed on the 7th. Kono continued to seek corrections from the Korean government, which continues to violate international law, over so-called litigation lawsuits. The prime minister is appreciating his response. He also has a strong relationship with US Secretary of State Pompeeo. The Korean side decided last month to abolish the Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan. Kono's appointment of defense is also aimed at strengthening security cooperation between Japan, the US, and South Korea, where dissonance is prominent. On the other hand, regarding the ministerial framework of the Komeito Party, the party also considered Mr. Ishii's continued investment based on the intention of the Soka Gakkai of the supporting mother. However, taking into consideration the longest tenure of all three years and eleven months, Natsuo Yamaguchi asked the Prime Minister to change on the 6th. Mr. Akabane is a close friend of the prime minister and the first election in 1993. In addition, Mr. Moriyama, who became the Liberal Democratic Party's National Chairman in August 2017, has a good reputation for coordinating ability to manage the Diet, and has a good relationship with Toshihiro Nikai, the Secretary-General of the second floor. With the re-election of Mr. Nika, Mr. Mikio Hayashi is also expected to continue to act as deputy director. The prime minister has solidified the reappointment of Mr. Nika and Mr. Fumio Kishida, Chairman of the party's four roles. In the party personnel, in addition to the chairman of the general affairs and the chairman of the election, the selection of the head of the Constitutional Reform Promotion Headquarters will be the focus in order to advance discussions on the constitutional amendment that the prime minister is motivated by. Shinjiro Koizumi, the chairman of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which is attracting attention, will not be appointed as the Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat, who is said to be a gateway to the Prime Minister. Although the cautious view is spreading to the first cabinet, the prime minister will continue to make adjustments, given the strong national popularity. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue with the source https://www.sankei.com/politics/news/190908/plt1909080005-n1.html document.write(” + ”); Related article document.write(” + ”);

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