[Sad news] Ace at Kamimura Gakuen, eating McDonald’s and banning practice for 3 days

[Sad news] Ace at Kamimura Gakuen, eating McDonald's and banning practice for 3 days It was when the team went home from the Kansai expedition. At the airport, Oda's director handed over 1,000 yen per person for dinner, and was told to eat something he liked. Shun Tanaka and the 4th grade members were also delighted by the smart plan. After that, one of the members reveals the end. “On the return day of the expedition, the dinner fee was handed over from the club expenses at the airport and station, and the members are always looking forward to eating out. However, fat fast food is NG in the department. I lost it and secretly entered McDonald's. '' Tanaka Shun and the 4th graders were screaming at a hamburger after a long time saying, “After all, it ’s horse!”, But the blissful time faded unexpectedly. “I later had to give a receipt to the director, but at that time the four gave out McDonald's receipt. So they weren't thinking about barking. As a penalty, he was banned from practice for three days and was ordered to weed out. " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue with the source https://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/baseball/koshien/1502325/ Related article document.write(” + ”);

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