[Sad news] A woman arrested in Shinjuku, Yandere … “I love it and I can not help it”

1 : 2019/05/24 (Fri) 13:00: 49.10 ID: gUoewASRM.net "I liked it and I couldn't help it" Male stabbing woman of arrest On the 23rd, it was found that a woman who was arrested for the current crime as having stabbed an acquaintance man's belly in an apartment in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo stated that "I liked it and I couldn't help it." Self-proclaimed Yutaka Takaoka (21) had suspicion of stabbing and killing the belly of an acquaintance man in her twenties and thirties in a room in an apartment in Shinjuku on the 23rd It is done. Men are heavy and are still being treated in the intensive care unit. In a subsequent interview with the investigators, Takaoka was found to have stated that "I liked the man and I couldn't help it" and "I thought that I killed the other person and I would die." The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department examines the details of the incident in detail, considering that the trouble between men and women is the cause. http://news.livedoor.com/lite/article_detail/16509330/
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