Unemployed man “I used a few pieces of damaged 10,000-yen bills with cellophane tape and put them on!”

The Kagawa prefectural police Kompei station put a few sheets of 10,000 yen bills that had become shabby on the 16th and made them into one sheet and used them in a convenience store, suspicion of forged currency exercise, unemployed man (82) of Sakaide city in the same prefecture I was arrested. "I thought it was a shame. I didn't mean to fool him," he said. Arrest suspects to female clerk 1 10,000 yen bill made by putting up some damaged 10,000 yen bills with cellophane tape at convenience store in Nakatado county of the prefecture around 9:00 am on March 7 Suspected of passing and buying a cigarette. A male store manager (50) brought a bill to the Kampei station and reported it. According to the BOJ Takamatsu branch, damaged bills can be exchanged for new bills if they are brought to the BOJ branches. ※ Excerpt from the link below. The continuation is source https://www.nishinippon.co.jp/sp/nnp/national/article/510537/
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