The perpetrator “Don’t you have 35 billion yen. Make money”

The perpetrator At around 3:30 am on the 15th, from the room on the fifth floor of Ueno 5-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, "The money was taken with his hands and feet tied up," the 70-year-old man of the resident reported to the police The It is said that three men broke in and took advantage of grabbing a purse of about 120,000 yen for cash by tying men's limbs, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is examining it as a robbery case. According to Ueno, three men dressed in dark clothes broke into the door glass at the entrance of the men's room, dawning on the 15th according to Ueno. He tied his men's and arms with adhesive tape and said, "Don't have 35 billion yen. Give me some money." The man was sleeping at home alone. A man removes the tape by himself and reports to the police. There was no injury. ※ Excerpt from the link below. The continuation is source
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