[Impact] Yuko Oshima “First time of love photo” Ikemen American and hand-clad dating

[Impact] Yuko Oshima "Hey, what do you want?" A window at a movie theater in the center of the city-a small woman who is a girl with a tall handsome foreigner who is reminiscent of the director of Tolsier, who once led a soccer national team in soccer, Florent Davadi I was sweetened. Although she is disguised, she is a former Ace of AKB 48, Yuko Oshima (30), with her lovely eyes peeking from between the cap and mask, and that voice she heard many times in the general election speech. Is a barber-there is no pretend to care about the surroundings. ※ Excerpt from the link below. The continuation is source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20190315-00010000-friday-ent
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