I will paste minor scary stories.

1 : 2019/02/11 (Monday) 04: 35: 59.14 ID: ID: d7aPmqSga A story heard from a friend. Gokon which was forced to participate in circle fellows seems to be number matching as expected, The two of us are couple joining from the beginning rather than ginkgo, The other guy brought in, even seems to fit a few people, It did not suit K Ko 's hobby at all. K Kim, who declined their invitation to go with karaoke, left the pub and headed for the station, I was told that "Does not the second party go?" It was S that I was with. S, which he said to be a senior at the same university, was a pretty beautiful woman, reminding me of the attention of men. I was going to drink a little more by inviting S, and I entered a pub in front of the station. "K is a child from T prefecture?" S said Sunday that he was excited about the failure of Gokon. "You said it by yourself earlier, are you going back to T prefecture during summer vacation?" After two days it was summer vacation. "I have not decided what to do yet, because travel expenses are quite expensive," Koko answered, S said "Do you participate, because there are volunteers to pick up garbage from the prefecture's hiking trail?"
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