In Kurasushi, “Leaving the scene to minors only to leave the site responsible for damages but despite abandoning user responsibility?” Criticism

1 : 2019/02/11 (Monday) 14: 22: 40.60 ID: Excerpt from the voice of the net · How to explain the reason why the manager was absent on the work site · If it is intended to keep the salary cheaply, in self-income · There is a certain crime in the high school student's byte, but in view of the byte fee, it costs tens of thousands of yen It is strange that it is strange as a business style that there are no employees at the site in the first place? User responsibility is a person (person) who uses another person for a certain project, It refers to the user's illegal act responsibility that employees must compensate in the event of damages to third parties concerning the execution of the business (Article 715, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Code). Any person supervising the project on behalf of the user is also assumed to bear the responsibility as a user (Article 715, paragraph 2 of the Civil Code). Article 715 (Responsibility of Users, etc.) A person using another person for a certain business is responsible for compensating damages the employee has made to third parties regarding the execution of the business. Provided, however, that this shall not apply when the employer gives considerable attention to the appointment of the employee and the supervision of the employee, or if damages should have occurred even if considerable attention is paid. Persons who supervise the business on behalf of the employer are also responsible for the preceding paragraph.
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