Harley ‘s grandfather’ Harley is not Harley I know ” Wai ”

1 : HAL @ old bad era love samurai 2019/02/09 (Sat) 16 : 48: 56 ID: HAL 9152 Harley 's grandpa who I met at a road station once said that. "The current Harley is not a Harley that I know, but I was told that unless I was a rigid unless I was young, I was told that I should not be a knuckle. For young people Harley is now Harley's Harley." It is a word that all hobbyists should inherit to posterity - HAL @ An old bad era love samurai (@ HAL 9152) February 09, 2019 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + '');
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