【Delete theory】 President of the game company “To those who said that old games were fun

1 : 2019/02/11 (Monday) 10: 15: 10.67 ID: QZvVeISJ0.net People who said that No. 26 "The game of the past was more interesting" "I think that there was room to imagine the old game in many ways. But the current game is very depictive and realistic I think that it's been awesome and awesome, but I feel that there is not much room for the user to imagine. Is there no longer a title that leaves room to imagine games like old players? " I received a question. From the conclusion it will not come out. Those who can ask such questions generally have a tendency to be older in their 30s and 40s, I try to answer questions by question when I heard about such things. "Then, please teach the game software you bought recently"
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