NGT 48 Ayaka Ohno “I suspect that it is a criminal and my family and relatives also see words that doubt the dangers of my life, I do not feel alive

NGT 48's Ayaka Ohno (left) and Nigata Mariana photo Enlarged Nico Takano Ayaka Ohno (21) and Nagata Mariana (23) updated their own Twitter earlier in the morning. "I am not involved in the incident" respectively. "Case" is believed to indicate that Mamio Yamaguchi (23) was suffering assault from two fans. Ohno, who lost his physical condition during the theatrical performance on October 10 and was leaving the 12th event, apologized as "I am very sorry." Continuously "I am not involved in the incident that is being reported daily.I did not understand what the matter was after the incident, the name went up, I went to the police without answering any explanation and answered as it was. I also saw my family, even my relatives doubting my danger, and I still do not feel alive. " At Nogata almost also at the same time on Twitter, "I am not involved in this incident" and sent out. "I wanted to listen to the story, I went to the Niigata police, I left my cell phone with the police and talked to them," I said, "I am sorry that I am sorry for the trouble and I am sorry." did. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source
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