[Image] “Talking to your ears” Mr. Issei Takahashi at the time of dubbing, watching love affections www www

1 : Omiwa 2019/01/11 (Fri) 21 : 32: 50 ID: ripplings "Let your ear listen" A comment by Mr. Issei at that time. Regarding the relationship between the role and myself, I already have an expression that is not different from the present, and I do not think that love life is a 14 year old male old aged. (And bangs are cute) # Listen to your ears # Takahashi Kazuo https://t.co/pz96xqJpS4 - Oshii (@ ripplings) January 11, 2019 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js [Image] [Image] Related article document.write('' + '');
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