Football players, gold leaf steaks were criticized and furious “To the angry buddies of jealousyers. You guys are pebbles in socks”

Ribéry visited a steakhouse owner of a famous chef from Turkey, a famous chef from Turkey, and steam house with huge bone covered with gold leaf and garnished with a meat before, Posted on SNS. And when comments of anger gathered in this luxurious luxury, Ribéri said to earn 8 million euros a year (about 1 billion yen), voiced in French and bounced back. "What are you guys, my success is the grace of God more than anything." "For me, a family member, a man who believes in me, you and others are red pebbles are only pebbles in socks" Bayern considers this as a "private matter", and announces that he does not intend to question Liberi's remarks. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source
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