【Pickup】 Takeda Takeda “When I say” There were no reproductive workers or comfort women, “there are people who make noise and hate, but that is the hate to our ancestors, claiming that it is not a fact” is ” That’s right.

This article is an article that introduces the topics that are talked about on the net in a row. 1 : DAPPI 2018/11/08 13 : 49: 59 ID: take_off_dress Takeda HisashiYasushi "I have are people who make noise and hate and say" there was no requisition engineering and comfort women ", hate what can be argued that" there "that it what 's not hate. Fact to our ancestors . claims about comfort women, recruitment of Engineering of Korea side all hate. do not If you think in the sense of decent Japanese "he told each well Takeda-san! https://t.co/0vO0ZvcgzA - DAPPI (@ take_off_dress) November 08, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + '');
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