[Quick News] Ms. Rika Shiina “Become a superstar like Son Jing-sun and Jobs!”

Aim is to be a super star. "Finish if it gets a sense of affinity" Mr. Shioki I just do not mind, while being criticized is also my driving force. It is still far from "ideal self". What kind of figure is Hanzo "ideal self"? Mr. Shiitaki "Super star". Hanzo superstar ... !? Mr. Shioki Mr. Son grandson and Steve Jobs. A true superstar only gives a result that makes me think that "criticism is meaningless". For example, no one really hits a grandchild's appearance (laugh). I am sorry that criticism will come that you have not reached a superstar yet. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://r25.jp/article/609301585336376639
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