Amazon “Let’s leave it to AI for employment hiring!” AI “Girls college graduates and deduction points!”

MIT Tech Review: "Female college graduates are deductions" Adopted by AI of Amazon, abolished with male preferential finding According to Reuters news report, in 2014, Amazon launched the development of an automated system ranking from one star to five stars against job seekers. However, it was found that this system preferential treatment for male applicants in a technical worker, it was abolished in 2017. This AI tool was trained based on the data of resume received by Amazon for 10 years. Because the technology industry is a male dominant field, most of the resume was sent by men. The system was unintentionally trained to select male volunteers over female volunteers. According to the report, the word "women" and the resume including the name of a particular girls' university were deducted. Although Amazon changed the condition so that these conditions are judged neutral, it says that the program has become confident that it is really biased against gender in every other field. We can not treat AI as essentially unbiased. If you train the system with biased data, the algorithm will also include bias. If the AI ​​recruitment program lacking fairness like this time is not revealed before the introduction, many of the diversity problems rooted in the business for many years will not be solved, but rather will be immobilized . * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source
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