【Sad news】 Badminton Momota Kenjo, secret meeting with girls at the training camp

1 : 2018/10/10 (Wed) 17: 39: 09.15 ID: tIpLwUyH 01010.net "It was about early in the morning at around 6 o'clock during the strengthening camp in Tresen, an inspector of" Japan Anti-Doping Organization (JADA) "tried to conduct unannounced doping tests for players with badminton Japanese girls' However, she was not in her accommodation room of the athlete village which is accommodation in Trecen. " It is the association official who reveals it as. This girl player is Yuki Fukushima of the girls' doubles Japanese national team (25). JADA's doping examination, as stated in the testimonies of the concerned parties, is definitely conducted without prior notice, selecting the location and time at which the athlete is located. The fact that Fukushima died disappeared, the representative coaches said to be noisy at one time, but security cameras were witnessing everything. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20181010-00549956-shincho-spo
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