【Sad news】 Hitomi Yoshizawa announced his retirement, the real name is ballet and the husband’s identity barre

Yoshizawa had only revealed that he was "an IT company older than 9 years old" about her husband's identity, but he said that the identity of her husband also got bald when the real name was discovered. "A former member of a group of Hello Project posted Yoshizawa 's wedding photograph on his blog in March 16. At that time, I had forgotten to hide my husband 's name written on the welcome board, so I got the full name and the name of the company that will serve as the president on the net has been specified "(entertainment reporter) It seems that "damage" has spread to her husband thanks to Yoshizawa. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://npn.co.jp/article/detail/51754863/
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