Oki Thailand “Denny victorious victory, showed the people’s will against the new base” Ryukyu Shimpo “Give up the construction of a new base and return Futenma”

Editorial [Mr. Tamaki wins the victory] New politics from Okinawa Former House of Representatives Tamagi Denny (58) was elected to the new Okinawa prefectural governor. It surpassed the vote of Mr. Osamu Yusushi of the previous governor's election, and in the governor's election after returning it is the victory with the record number of votes. It is an overwhelming victory with a delay in express expression and deficiencies in organizational structure, reluctant of the opponent's mighty organizational strength. Its political meaning is quite large. What is the factor that Mr. Tamaki overcomes most of the predictions? One is a rebellion against the fact that the Abe administration and the ruling Government have supported Mr. Makoto Saki of Mayor of the former Ginojaku without any inconvenience. <Omission> If we simply accumulate the basic votes of political parties, Mr. Tamagi can not win. The victory despite being overwhelmingly disadvantageous in the organization vote is a voter 's intention to vote for the base policy of the Abe administration, indicating that the people' s opposition against the new base is still strong. During the election period, Mr. Makoto Saki came in with a callout from "Conflict to Dialogue". However, it is the Abe administration that refused dialogue with Mr. Okaji. After taking office, the day when I could not see the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe even after offering an appointment, the meeting was realized four months later. Even when a third party organization of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications has issued a conclusion to urge consultation on dispute settlement procedures concerning the construction of a new base, the government refused to settle the talks. Currently, construction is suspended due to the withdrawal of landfill approval by the prefecture. The government should not take legal countermeasures, but accept this and set up a new forum for consultation. No further division and conflict between the prefectural people should be deepened for the convenience of the government. Nothing can be solved by the conventional hard-line measures. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/articles/-/322858
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