Since the claw of the video tape was not folded, it was overwritten on the Okan wwwwww

1 : 2018/09/22 (Sat) 03: 03: 41.267 ID: I was not able to see the decent daydays, so I took pictures of it all the time, so I do not know if there were no new tapes ... Succeed in experiment uploading knowledge directly to the brain "All you can do is brainwashed" "Headgear?" "I have seen it in Japan some years ago" [Image] I heard plosive sound from the living room Muttered result → The cause was found w www 【Good news】 Wai, meeky horse blushing sushi Naoko Iijima's (49)'s present is here A couple fighting in front of the room watching wwww
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