Tomo “It’s 5 million years old spending five years, I am going to make yakitori shops this”

1 : 2018/09/14 (Friday) 01: 06: 11.74 ID: Closed shop rattles in 5 months and a half Pattern that the purchase was in the red as it was I line up and come to us for shopping to acquaint each day Poor 【Sad news】 Wai, I had tax evasion "We received 96 kilograms of chicken by misdirected order, please help us with 500 yen discount, so please help" Twin people "It is a discount that makes profits" If you drink at home at Tomo's house you will be kicked out and grass As a result of having wax soybean radish on a radish for 1 month The excuse for acquaintances who do not return money is strange, but wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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