The result of installing Kerberos in a woman’s smartphone

Kadena Police Station and Okinawa Prefectural Police Cyber ​​Crime Measurement Division said on December 12 that the remote operation application "Cerberus (Kerberos)" of the smartphone was installed in a woman's smartphone and grasping the position information, and it is suspected that the wrong directive electromagnetic record sharing We arrested a man (28) whose address is indeterminate. The first arrest in the prefecture. It is said that he admits charges for investigation. Re-arrest warrants installing the same application for anti-theft prevention in the prefecture's 20-something office worker in a woman's smartphone that can perform location information, camera shooting, recording, etc. by remote control when losing smaho, late October last year Suspicion of acquiring the location information of the same woman from around the end of December. The suspect was arrested on August 21 this year for alleged violation of the stalking act regulation law against the same damaged woman. It was said that he analyzed and analyzed the suspect's suspected smartphone. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Editing manga "It is uncomfortable for a woman to draw a boys' manga, change to a neutral pen name" 【Image】 Bomb disposal group, I'm alarmed seriously on rice crackers [Sad news] Mr. Mr., I put 800 yen into a certification photo machine and take a picture, I lose the pressure of passersby and take out garbage wwwww 【Survey】 Net dependence of junior high and high school students, doubled five years ago. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Game Overload" Google "You are here now?"
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