The opposition party discovered that it was cooperating with the phone operations of the Ishihara camp with “I am OK with Mr. Ishihara at the presidential election”

Independent minister Koichiro Genba, former foreign minister = lower house Fukushima 3 ward, was asked on the phone calling the LDP's city council to support Secretary General Shigeto Shigemoto in the LDP presidential election (20th bomb cast) on 13th It was. Opposition parliamentarians were supposed to have played a role in Mr. Ishiro's "telephone operation". Mr. Genba's office stated "I will not comment." Mr. Ishiro's selection headquarters says "I do not know at all". * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【Early brief】 Ishiba Cabinet, Bakugan 【Sad news】 National Tamaki representative Tamaki joke lol lol "I want to take power in 4 years" 【Politics】 Abe "I want to raise the consumption tax as planned" 【Liberal Democratic Governor's election】 Supporting Prime Minister Abe 346 people Supporting Rep. Ishihiro 18 people Mr. Ishiro Mamoru "My image is Samurai! It is an image of fighting samurai warriors squirrelly"
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