【Scary】 Brought a boys’ high school student to the toilet, arrested a teacher at elementary school (29) who pushed a throat and fingers after putting his finger in his mouth “repeated dozens of times”

A man from a public elementary school teacher was arrested for putting fingers in the mouth of a male high school student and adding assault such as pushing a throat buddha. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://news.tbs.co.jp/newseye/tbs_newseye 3471803.html "Love Live!" Arrested two male high school students who broke down in manholes 【Entertainment】 Yoshiko Mita "I want to survive with my own responsibility and preparedness before 40 in the future" 【Sad news】 Girls college students bite guards who arrested and arrest chicken and eggs Oki Thailand "Liberal Democratic Party withdraw documents that are fair and justiceable! Defend democracy!" Nekafe refugee I am living a room that I live for more than half a year (big picture)
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