[Sad news] Three pro-golfers and others arrested Denge invasion, suspected theft of precious metals

The prefectural police of Gifu, Aichi, and Mie said on Thursday the pro golfer of Nagoya-shi eastern district, suspected of stealing and residence, suspected by Hiroki Hattori (22) = charged with invading another house and second-hand cars Utano Takatomi (24), the selling business, arrested again, arrested another man. According to investigators and the Japan Golf Tour Organization, the suspect will turn professional in 2013 under the name of "Hattori Richard." The prize money won by 2005 is about 110,000 yen. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/20180913/tro18091319300009-n1.html?view=pc Wai "Tobacco Ume www" boss "Do you smoke even monkeys?" ← Mukey! ! ! 【Entertainment] Search for Hitomi Yoshizawa's home [Sad news] Japanese boxing association, inadvertently sent an intimidation document to the editorial department of Weekly Written Bunshun, exposed to excitement 【Sad news】 Wai, I had tax evasion Yoshizawa Hitomi "I drank three Chu Hai" doctor "It is not such a high figure" Yoshizawa ""
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