Kato Koji, furious opposition to the Olympic volunteer free of charge “Outfield is not saying U – Dauda”

In terms of money, such as time constraints, transportation expenses, accommodation fees, etc. are considered problematic, but in the opinion on the streets, "totally burdensome to those who want to come" or "want to participate" from a distance if they are completely free of charge "Opinions saying" Volunteers are free to participate in seeking money or something in search of volunteers "is received. In response to this, Kato of "school with no problem at no charge" said "there is no point in argument". "I do not have" the number of people is not enough "to recruit, but about the opinion that it is not convinced to accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, etc." Well, you say "YOUNG." If you get there, no one complains Is not it? In addition, it is important that volunteers who gathered convinced by the conditions to enjoy it is important, and talking hotly, "I think that the outfield other than that is U - Dauda", and after saying it was "Strong? Words" and a smile I asked for laughter. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20180914_762607.html?PAGE=1#container 【Power harassment problem】 Gymnastics girls, Ms. Sae Miyagawa's "refreshing" live appearance confessed "I thought it would be better to tell the truth more" Those who are frustrated by hobbies Estimated galleries of NTV '24 Hour TV' turned out 【Image】 Thanks to the teacher of Tokyo University "What is a volunteer" "Are we not human rights" gangster, rage to one-sided account cancellation
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