【Saddened】 Female college student who shoplifted chicken thigh meat and egg pack (18), arrested by a security guy

Fukui Prefectural Police Fukui Police Station arrested a female college student (18) in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture, on suspicion of post robbery on September 12. The allegation was arrested when the supermarket in Fukui City shoplifted chicken thigh meat and egg pack (sales price total of 719 yen) around 1 pm on the same day, and when the woman guard officers seized it outside the store, they beat the right shoulder Doubt added. According to Fukui Police Station, security guards stopped female college students outside the store, they tried to escape and seized them and handed them over to the rushed officers. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/698740 【Sad news】 Girls college students bite guards who arrested and arrest chicken and eggs 【Entertainment] Search for Hitomi Yoshizawa's home 【Sad news】 Mass media (29), driver (84) Bokoboko and take taxi price 【Sad news】 Typhoon 22, hit the Philippines in 905 hPa Female college student "Bite cost 150,000 yen, I went to a convenience store while keeping it on a motorcycle!" → Arrested a man (39) of a group staff member theft.
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