【Image】 “Telephoto contact lens” which can obtain about 3 times vision is under development Cyborg 009

1 : Livedoor News 2018/08/29 (Wed) 12 : 25 : 32 ID: livedoornews 【Future sense】 "Telephoto contact lens" which is able to obtain about 3 times vision is under development https://t.co/FF0iw8NyIL "Practical use of" age-related macular degeneration "causing deterioration in vision due to aging It is expected that people of Bangkok will benefit from it. https://t.co/6TC9MXwhIq - Livedoor News (@ livedoornews) August 29, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js 【Image】 Related article document.write('' + ''); Teacher "Did you finish changing your seat?" Next Woman "Next ... Next ..." Hick Hig Wy "..." I dislike the fact that the world is "self-responsible" Mr. Avengers is going to be fucking daisy poster again wwwwwwww An abnormality in the body that appears when stress is unavoidable New technology that rust disappears quickly with laser is attracting attention
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