Mom got into citric acid and got mixed up with drinks …

1 : or less,? VIP will be sent from Chanchan 2018/08/09 (Thursday) 19: 00: 58.206 ID: It mixes in pot water and mixes it with lemon water or barley tea pot I'm excusing lemon tea or something wrong (ヽ'ω`) Three cups drunk every day and my stomach got burned Everytime suffering pretty much Mother who is strange is hurt, I'm in trouble ... Does he really want to put lemon on deep-fried? Mother "Rice, fried eggs, wiener, lettuce, miso soup, natto" ← I will be eating this breakfast every time wwwwww Wai countryman misunderstood the water of lemon water with detergent and gets mad at the store clerk A guy who stabbed a straw on a paper pack's juice when he was a high school student and came to school wwwwww Result of drinking transparent cola wwwwwwwwwwwwww
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