Comedian “YouTuber is doing a mimicry on TV as an amateur” (笑) ← This

1 : 2018/08/09 (Thursday) 14: 44: 08.35 ID: YouTuber · You must do all the story, editing, composition etc on your own · Can shoot freely at home or where you want to go · Occupation No. 1 · If you succeed, billionaire Even comedian entertainers and even parties think with pairing with broadcasting writers · They must follow the script script · young artists are not even treated as human beings · even if they are successful they are taken quite a lot in the office Yokozawa Natsuko enters Hollywood! "Mama meer! Appear in the sequel NHK "Recent teenage depends on the smartphone game, I can not get up in the morning, it has become amusing as a person.The country is thinking about countermeasures." 【X JAPAN】 YOSHIKI, About death of HIDE "It is absolutely not a suicide" 【Sad news】 Dave Spector, suddenly butchyre tweet Wai "Downtown on Wednesday and a strange program started Nongo anyway it's funny"
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