Naoto Takenaka and Yuki Kashiwagi wine date “It is not a suspicious relationship”

It is close to Tokyo and Shibuya, and in this city with a lot of entertainment officials it is still the evening at 11 o'clock. People are enjoying summer nights in the shops here and there. Naoto Takenaka (62 years old) and Yuki Kashiwagi (27 years old), a popular member of AKB 48, were in the VIP space of a hidden bar with no sign in a crowded building. When sitting opposite the sofa, tilt the glass. It is red wine that is drinking. "It's not a totally suspicious relationship (laughing). Mr. Takenaka is like a father who can depend on Kashiwagi-san to do it, which seems to have been talking about work this evening." * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【Breaking News】 Yuki Kashiwagi, Naoto Takenaka and Public Affair wwwwww Yu Yokoyama Yui Yokoyama got to be a girl in front of a handsome actor wwww Maid cosplay of Yoshi Sasaki (28) wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Tsuchiya Taiho, a younger unknown actor and a love love date discovery Tatsuya Yamaguchi of former Tokio. Suddenly crying out loudly Crying to the emotional state of despair
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