【Quick News】 Former Momoko Koh and Akari Hayami to marry with 30 employees

An actress's Akari Hayami (23) got married on 22nd, I learned. The other person is an office worker in the early 30s, Hayami said "Surely a gentle person" to the interview of Sponichi's paper and a happy smile. She is a former member of the idol group "Momoiro Clover" (present Momoiro Clover Z) and is the first member of marriage with members of Momokuro. We will meet in Tokyo on 23rd. Hayato Akari (photography · Hisaki Hisatomi) who decided to get married and shows a smile in hand with a bouquet 【Quick News】 Former Momoko Koh and Akari Hayami to marry with 30 employees * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180723-00000001-spnannex-ent Saeko took over with President Zozo Town. Reason··· Ken Hirai "I wanted to sing a girl's song living desperately desperately trying hard while seeing the idol group's child struggling to face adults successfully." TBS closely policed ​​at 24 o'clock While the shooter was shooting, a prefectural police confiscated the image of a man who was caught by a police officer and discovered that TBS did not broadcast Ryukyus Shimpo "Prime Minister Abe who attended the drinking party before the heavy rain lacks the responsibility to protect the public, so that the Self Defense Force can be found more quickly ..." Tackling measures for depression wwwwww as a topic that posters are too warm
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