Ran (32) “Shinichi … where where … Waiting forever?”

1 : 2018/07/20 (Friday) 07: 39: 36.11 ID: IM + 8 UDPt 0..net Sonoko: "Orchid, sooner will be the wedding ceremony for Conan and Misato" Ran: "That is Shinichi, Shinichi?" Sonoko "Orchid of a different one, that is Conan you" Orchid "Shinichi! Shinichi Shinichi __! Shinichi ぃ ぃ ぃ!" Kogoro "Ran! Do not be bad! Strike sedation now!" Orchid "Shin ... Ichi ..." Sonoko: Because Conan's wedding, I got permission to go out specially only today but after all it is useless already ... " Kogoro "Let's return to the hospital orchid ..." The end [Quick News] Conan, it was not Shinichi Conan "Otachan, sorry, Kudo Shinichi, I am, Ole" Kogoro "I know you guys!" 【Sad news】 Detective Conan, popular characters are popular and become a hero Sonoko Suzuki Millionaire friends have only orchids and boys' detectives wwww Today, although I was at the wedding ceremony, my husband did not come www
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