Wai incompetent new member of society, reputation within the company as early as the third month after joining the company

1 : Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2018/07/12 (Thursday) 16 : 53: 03 ID: zW 9 I want to cry 【Good news】 Result after sticking backwards recording wwwww Next-door guest "No baked piggy with service ticket" store manager "Aiyo!" Wai "Jai Wai" manager manager "Dame" Wai "!?" If you put it in a potato wrapper in a supermarket at a supermarket, it will be intercepted by a motherfucker Warota As a result of "I will change the attitude of a woman when entering a big company" and wrote it wwwwww New employee, who wishes to give thankful books sent from the personnel department to Mercari www
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