NHK “We will deliver it online, but from the PC, smartphone will not charge for the time being.”

For the time being, NHK is not planning to collect the reception fee from households who do not have a TV and watch it only with smartphones or personal computers. However, in the future, we are endeavoring to expand our financial resources with the establishment of a reception fee for households with only the Internet, and there is concern about the pressure on private enterprises due to bloated. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source [Beginning of the end] To stop the acceptance of new customers "bit flyer", the biggest virtual currency Is it a violation of the Antimonopoly Law for a "4-year tied up" for a smartphone NHK "There is certain rationality to collect the reception fee from households watching programs only with the net without having a TV." What was the reaction of you and the public when the smartphone first came out? [Image] Here is an indication of an unreasonable teacher who often sees in the net w
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