New employee Boku “Sales jobs will be hard, but let’s do our best each other!” Synchronization “Oh!”

1 : Mr. Anonymous @ Opun 2018/07/11 (Wed) 18 : 21 : 54 ID: pe1 3 months later Boku: "Yeah, have you got used to getting around your customers soon?" Synchronization "sorry! W wai suddenly moved to general affairs w" I?" Synchronization "If you accuse me of breaking my body with sickness or not being a salesperson, I became attached to the headquarters w w w w w" I?" Synchronization "From now on you will spend your time in a room that has always been cool and heated at the headquarters w You are going to get around and doing quota and relocation and doing various things, but do your best. I?" Results of "Speaking the hardest things in my life" at the self-development seminar sent by the company Tunnels, it seems to disappear Wai "Full time job searching job seeking ~" Poip Poti Newcomer Mr. "Is there any meaning to this meeting ...?" 【Image】 Yamanote Line's "Inner Circle" by grass www
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