Because Osan was involved in a convenience store clerk, I helped wwwwwwww

1 : or less,? The VIP will be sent from Channel Chan 2018/07/10 (Tue) 13: 56: 41.366 ID: Osan "You !! Funny, $ #% & ^ !!!" ← I could not catch you A convenience store clerk "I'm sorry!" Osan "Ooh ah ah !!!!!" I "What's wrong with Osassu?" Osan "No, I am sorry, sorry" A convenience store clerk "Thank you" I "No" I got a big face for a convenience store clerk I gotta say I got out soon Ohsan Q. What kind of bird is Yoshigoi? A convenience store clerk "(It's always the best NEET)" Neat I "(It's the usual bottom-of-the-freerter)" 【Flash】 heavy rain exceeding 100 mm in local area in Tokyo As a result of "I will change the attitude of a woman when entering a big company" and wrote it wwwwww As a result of school girls eating garlic
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