Tatsuki, this time I was working with JR

1 : 2018/07/11 (Wednesday) 00: 40: 45.73 ID: hMq4g4nDr.net Tatsuki / irodori @ irodori 7 Drawn on the theme of JR East's Shinkansen in-car magazine, Mr. Tranvelle "If you make Nagano Yokai a virtual anime character?" - It is being distributed at 300 km / h. If you do not mind http://www.jreast.co.jp/railway/trainvert/ https://twitter.com/irodori7/status/1013407079933988865 【Football World Cup】 Mr. Hariril "If I were a Japanese director, Belgium would not have turned over from two behind behind!" Kemono Friends "Seruel · bag" figure released ... ... ...? This design is ... ... Tatsuki Director What are you wearing www NTT develops a system to inform clerks who wander around the store unnecessarily or who is suspected of walking Ace "Take back ... the word of the day ...!" Red dog "I understood - ー ー っ ッ ッ!"
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