【PKK】 When I was in elementary school, there were bullying in every class, but at the same time Dong also said, “When you discover a bully, you suddenly crazy a rider kick” was also a madman.

1 : Nevada 2018/07/06 (Fri) 10 : 28: 34 ID: nevadan 2 When I was an elementary school student, there were any classes of bullying, but at the same time Dong-kun also said, "Mad men suddenly bite a rider kick if they discover a bully". I was eaten by a teacher 's call many times and was treated as a problem child, but I always attack only bully, so I fight against each other. He was surrounded by many classmates on the graduation day. - Nevada (@ nevadan 2) July 06, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + ''); What bullying does not matter, no matter how much we can argue it will definitely not go away As a result of hot debate with Wai, Muskko (4) → It is revealed to Musume (7) wwww 【Diffusion】 This morning, when I was passing by the Kamakura Highway next to Suginami High School for children 's transfer, black bean bush danced in the air in front of me. What was reading about elementary school books? 【Rakuten】 Grade chart of Mikitani Hiroshi's grades wwwwww
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