McDonald’s apologizes for problems due to misdelivery “eating nugget”

1 : Livedoor News 2018/07/09 (Monday) 21 : 17 : 28 ID: livedoornews 【Riot】 McDonald's, "Eating Nuggets" Apologies for misdelivery "Must not be present" A spokeswoman said, "A product that was immediately discarded was returned to the storage shelf incorrectly It was caused by having placed it. " - Livedoor News (@ livedoornews) July 09, 2018 McDonald's apologizes for problems due to misdelivery Related article document.write('' + ''); McDonald's, the legendary hamburgers have renewed and revived for the first time in five years! ! ! ! ! ! ! [Sad news] Korean people bukkire to Soshage of Japan delivery 【Impact exposure】 Although it is a former boxer, there is something I want to say Saizeriya came alone www (with images) Hotel, membership to Ashiya 3636 million yen good sales
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