A bookstore in the city “Everyone of the writers, please send us a signature paper at no cost to our shop, will you crush?”

1 : 2018/07/10 (Tuesday) 23: 36: 07.66 ID: GR + XaGuD0.net @ b4 tf 90 j 4 wrknuz 6 Actually, the survival of the shop is becoming obscure by being restarted in front of the station. A wonderful request to the writers. Please give me a sign color paper to make it lively. I would like to fill the entire wall. In order not to lose the shop, I will do various things so that it will become a shop more loved by people in Fukui. The man who was selling fake signs of Hayao Miyazaki at Yahoo auction Wai "at junk and at" Merikari people "buy you" wai "sangatsu!" → results wwww A female manga artist "Not only at the station! A man comes into conflict with Dokkan Dokkan deliberately even inside a bookstore!" The way of single geeks wwwwwwwww 【Sad news】 Woman using oxygen inhaler, electric killed for reasons of non payment despite paying it died
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