It is the first memorable speech by Yumiko Kobayashi who is the second generation Shinchan

1 : Fallen Angel Haruka 2018/07/06 (Fri) 19 : 45: 56 ID: Mikasa 3647 It is the first voice to be memorable by Yumiko Kobayashi, the second generation Shinchan chan # Crayon Shinchan # kureshin - Fallen angel Haruka (@ Mikasa 3647) July 06, 2018 Related article document.write('' + ''); 【Quick News】 Crayon Shinchan's successor voice actor, Yumiko Kobayashi will decide 【Permanent storage】 Yajima Akiko's last short movie 【TOKIO interview】 Shigeru Shimojima "Tatsuya Yamaguchi submitted his resignation at Dogashita" [Video] Wiper "Akan! Wiper condition is bad!" 【Ittte Q】 Only watched as Yoshikogamiya www
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