[Sad news] Magileko, it’s the first anniversary soon to turn the original writers to enemies …

1 : Wind blowing if nothing 2018/07/05 (Thursday) 17: 08: 37.86 ID: 0fSdcBje0.net It was treated as a stage device for ORIGARA age, which was made to make the original character be evil and let it be killed by making the original work a complete farce by having brought the night of Walpurgis the strongest witch by radio waves Anti-massive occurrence due to breakage [Sad news] Madoka Madoka, the sense of private clothing is devastating 【Sad news】 Mad Mad a sequel does not come Yuzuki-chan "It might be better to use it to help the North Korean hungry people than to prepare a murder weapon for deterrence ..." 【Breaking News】 Big thing virtual star youtuber, appearing in the CM of the cool What is different between the animation which is the third term, the fourth term, the fifth term and the second term of animation?
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