Succeeded in developing a laser beam gun with a weight of 3 kilograms that China can carbonize humans with a range of 800 m

In recent years, China has been rapidly developing weapons, and since 2018 it became a hot topic, such as the report that "We are advancing the development of railguns to be mounted on warship ships". Meanwhile, the Hong Kong daily newspaper South China Morning Post reports that "China has developed a laser gun that can also carbonize humans." Because the laser assault rifle named "ZKZM - 500" has a diameter of 15 mm and weighs about 3 kg, which is about the same as AK - 47 which is also known as "the most used military gun in the world", a car It can be mounted on boards, boats, airplanes, etc., and can also be carried by people. It has a range of about 800 meters, and a lithium ion rechargeable battery similar to that used for smartphones is installed and it seems that you can do laser irradiation for less than 2 seconds 1000 times with one charge. The price per unit is about 15,000 dollars (about 1.7 million yen), and it may be said that it is surprisingly cheap, considering that it is rechargeable and does not consume ammunition. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Can you eat this sushi alone? I think that what is missing in the current Gundam is "women's strength". Next woman pilot should be the main character 【Chaos】 Um ...... Really ...... I'm fine with my free time ...... Do you mind searching "Pyramid Motoyoshi Onsen" and seeing the official HP ...... Things that I misunderstand in Gundam and the reality I learned later Zoid's Soshage, a terrible game wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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