China to develop ultra-high speed railway of 1500 km / h

In a system that combines high temperature superconducting linear and vacuum tube, the maximum speed is 1,500 kilometers per hour above the sound speed. Construction of the test line is proceeding and it is said that it aims at the test speed of 1,500 kilometers as early as April 21. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Limited Speed ​​Absolutely Defended Man "Even if Fired, Maintaining Speed" Wai in the time of a brat "If you drink all the water in Lake Biwa, it will raise 1000 trillion yen!" STR (arm strength) full swing You guys "Ora!" Bunt DEX (Agility) Full swing Wy "What?" You guys "Why are you doing" Bunbun Completion of technology to reproduce 10,000 hair in 20 days I made a shadow judgment table!
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